Lead Belaying

Lead climbing is the next step after top roping and involves clipping your rope to anchors as you climb instead of it running to the top and back down. This means longer falls before the rope catches you, but is much more exciting.
There is a lot to cover during lead classes, so classes are either split into two sections (the climbing portion and the belaying portion) that are about two hours each or one four hour class that covers both topics. Both Lead Climbing & Lead Belaying are required for our lead certification.
Lead Belaying covers one of those two parts (belaying) and touches on things such as…
-How to pay out slack.
-Belayer positioning and spotting.
-Responding to clipping calls.
-Catching higher impact falls.
-Hard vs. soft catch.
-Mock belays (followed by real belays).
Students must register 48 hours in advance.
Prerequisites for this class: Basic top rope belay certification and ability to top rope climb 5.9.

Climbing Comp & USAC Youth Sport Comp

Join us for our next climbing comp on April 28th!  Ask staff for more details.

**Note the top rope room will be closed for comp setting from 4/23 to 4/28.  Day pass users will be limited to the bouldering room during that time.