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Sarahjoy Allen
General Manager

I am a Nebraska native, graduated from UNL with an ME, and was an energy engineer. I worked for Schnackel Engineers, Kiewit Building Group, and Noresco, all the while developing a business plan around my extracurricular passion of rock climbing. I have always enjoyed problem solving and believe this attribute is the source of my obsession for climbing. Whether it be scaling multi-pitch rock formations outdoors or bouldering indoors with friends, all forms of climbing present physical and mental challenges, which are equally important to me.

As our gym’s general manager, head route setter, and lead instructor, it is my personal goal to make indoor climbing accessible to everyone interested. I enjoy teaching and working with others and have the skill set necessary to ensure their enjoyment as well. I look forward to serving Omaha’s outdoor community with a new indoor climbing gym experience.

Mark Powell
Operations Manager
I hail from the panhandle of Nebraska, a land of loose sandstone and open sky. I came to Omaha in 2013 for college and got hooked on climbing about the same time. To put it lightly, climbing was an addiction for me during college. It helped me relieve stress, provided me a means to build fitness, and most of all it gave me access to a community of people who are genuine and enthusiastic. My work at a climbing gym allows me to give back to that community. As for my favorite way to climb, if I'm inside I boulder. If I'm outside, give me a rope and let me clip some bolts.
Colten Siemer
Facilities Manager
I started climbing in the Fall of 2014. My favorite thing about climbing is the community and the connections you can make within that community. I enjoy working at Approach as a setter to create a piece of art that motivates people to sustain a healthy lifestyle.
Matt Prince
Facilities Coordinator
I was born and raised in the Trenton NJ area and came to Approach from Outward Bound. Prior to climbing I worked in emergency services (Fire/EMS). I started climbing in the late 90’s with my favorite style being aid climbing. I primarily teach the more technical classes such as Gym to Crag and multi-pitch, but I also really enjoy working with folks who have anxiety and other disabilities
Brian Allen
Shannon Case
After a wonderful 31 year career as a Financial Planner, I decided in 2018 to sell my practice and start pursuing more of my passions. I have a passion for Approach as well as the climbing community. I am married to my best friend Anne, we have two adult daughters and three (so far) grandchildren. If you see someone at Approach chilling with two beautiful German Shepherds, come say hello as I love meeting all the climbers at our gym.
Tyler Haack
Graphic Designer
I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan where I grew up doing all kinds of sports. I discovered climbing when I was 12, leaving all other sports behind. I found the climbing community to be amazingly supportive, and I had some great mentors along the way to push me and help me grow as a climber. Some of my accomplishments within the competitive scene include finishing 8th place in the Beijing youth worlds in 2005, winning youth nationals in 2007, and taking 5th place at ABS nationals in 2008. With my competing days over I have a passion to being a mentor to the new generation of climbers.
Nicole Meisenbach
I started climbing in the fall of 2017 and have been setting since 2018. My favorite part about climbing is learning new styles of movement (except for dynos). A few fun facts about me: I love to swing/line dance, play volleyball, and oil paint if I have the time.
Zoe Hass
I’m a sophomore in high school who has been climbing for three years. Climbing has helped shape me to be who I am. The community, especially at Approach, is a loving and supporting one. Fun Fact: I am allergic to cats yet own three.
Jasper Gray
I started climbing in June 2016. About 6 months later I started working at Approach as a coach and instructor. I hope to continue with climbing as a career via coaching, instructing, and route setting. Perhaps it could evolve into outdoor leadership or adventure guiding. Climbing and its community has made me who I am today. I have met some of my best friends here and continue to meet interesting individuals every day! Fun fact: My favorite thing next to climbing is cinematography, and I own a photography and film-making business.
Victoria Killian
Hi I'm Victoria! I started climbing in 2017 when I started working at Approach. I am currently working on my undergraduate degree in communication studies at UNO. I hope to one day work alongside human resources, recruiting people and helping them feel welcomed and comfortable when first starting at a new business. My favorite thing about climbing is both the mental and physical challenge it brings. I enjoy climbing because it is a fun and challenging workout that increases your problem solving skills at the same time! I love working at Approach because it has a comforting family feel. The climbing community is so welcoming! The staff at Approach really make the gym feel like a safe and fun place to be. A fun fact about me is that I have been to 21 states and our two surrounding countries. My goal is to make it to all 50 states and visit Europe by the time I'm 30 years-old.
Sam Moritz
Justin Strahan
I want to find a career where I can be in a position to help and teach people about that career. The best part of working at approach is giving an orientation to new climbers, then seeing them come back regularly to develop stronger climbing skills and knowledge. Fun fact, I have a great sense of direction and internal map. Once I go someplace either by foot or car I can almost always find my way back there without the use of a map or GPS.