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Sarahjoy Allen
General Manager

I am a Nebraska native, graduated from UNL with an ME, and was an energy engineer. I worked for Schnackel Engineers, Kiewit Building Group, and Noresco, all the while developing a business plan around my extracurricular passion of rock climbing. I have always enjoyed problem solving and believe this attribute is the source of my obsession for climbing. Whether it be scaling multi-pitch rock formations outdoors or bouldering indoors with friends, all forms of climbing present physical and mental challenges, which are equally important to me.

As our gym’s general manager, head route setter, and lead instructor, it is my personal goal to make indoor climbing accessible to everyone interested. I enjoy teaching and working with others and have the skill set necessary to ensure their enjoyment as well. I look forward to serving Omaha’s outdoor community with a new indoor climbing gym experience.

Mark Powell
Interim Head Setter

I hail from the panhandle of Nebraska, a land of loose sandstone and open sky. I came to Omaha in 2013 for college and got hooked on climbing around the same time. Climbing was nothing short of an addiction for me during college. It helped me relieve stress, provided me a means to build fitness, and most of all it gave me access to a community of enthusiastic people who are genuine and compassionate. My work at Approach provides me the opportunity to give back to that community. I love all disciplines of climbing, though you are most likely catch me bouldering when climbing at the gym.