As an educational facility, all new visitors are required to participate in our basic First Time Visitor Orientation covering all gym rules, necessary climbing gear demonstrations, and how to avoid injury in the climbing gym. Additional information is available upon request to brand new climbers including grading difficulty systems, route reading/finding, and the foundation for climbing movement. This process can take anywhere from 10 to 30-minutes and is only available during the following times hours:

Monday 3p to 8p
Tuesday – Thursday 11a to 8p
Friday – Saturday 10a to 8p
Sunday 10a to 4p

* No First Time Visitor Orientations on competition days.

Please Note: Everyone who enters the gym (climbers and observers) must have a signed Visitor Agreement on file. There are no exceptions to this rule. All users 18 years of age and under must have a parental consent on file prior to accessing the facility. See “Sign Waiver” link below. You do not need to bring us a copy of this form as it is automatically imported into our system once completed.



Sign Waiver


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