Team Approach

  • Please see staff if you are interested in joining
  • Next session starts June 10 (16 weeks)
  • Team members are required to have their own equipment
  • Monday and Thursday 5:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 2:00pm – 4:00pm
  • No practices 7/4, 11/28, or 12/22 – 1/4
  • Practice cancellations due to inclement weather will follow suit with OPS closings (though the gym may still be open)

Approach Climbing Gym is officially sanctioned by the USA Climbing for youth.


Flexibility in practice schedule: Team practices will be held four times each week over the sixteen week session. Your family can pick and choose the practices you attend each week. It is the family’s responsibility to track practices attended, and to not attend more practices than they are paying for. Make up sessions will not be provided, however, additional practices beyond the payment plan selected will be billed at the end of the season at a rate of $20/practice.

Team Approach runs 50 weeks a year! There is always a two-week break for Christmas and New Year’s weeks. Additionally, Practice will never be held on Thanksgiving, during any Regionals event, or during any Approach competition. In addition, we want these schedules to work for you, so if you have a preference for practice times for the next season, please suggest it to the Head Coach.

Two coaches at every practice (unless 4 kids or fewer are present): Multiple coaches allows kids to be exposed to a variety of points-of-view and instructional styles. Each coach offers their own expertise as climbing strengths vary by individual. Some instructors are well-attuned to highly technical movements, while others excel at coordination movements; both are essential to enhancing your climber’s abilities.

Two memberships to Approach: one for the competitor plus a second membership that can be gifted to anyone of your choice, ideally someone who wants to climb with the primary member. The second membership is not redeemable for cash nor can it be transferred to another person during the session. Benefits of the memberships include unlimited access to the facility, access to weekly yoga and group fitness classes, weight room, discounts on products sold at Approach, and invites to Members-Only events.

Qualified instruction at competitions: our coaches will be present at USAC Midwest competitions where 4 or more kids are registered. The current season schedule is as follows:
 March 9 – Adventure Rock-Milwaukee
 April 6 – Climb Iowa
 April 6 – Upper Limits – Maryland Heights
 April 13 – VE Minneapolis
 April 13 – Ibex
 April 27 – Approach
 May 11 – Regionals at Upper Limits in Maryland Heights, MO
 June 15 & 16 – Divisionals at Vertical Endeavors in Bloomington, MN
 July 11 – 14 – Nationals at Reach Indoor Climbing and Fitness in Bridgeport, PA

Top rope belay and lead climbing classes: For those who are eligible, additional instructional classes will be provided during regularly scheduled practice to further each climber’s technical knowledge of climbing equipment. These classes are not only available to the climber, but also to the parent. We encourage you to actively participate!

Team Approach shirts: We encourage climbers to wear their team shirts to practices and are required to wear them at competitions. One team shirt per 16 week session is included. Additional shirts and jackets (for parents or climbers) are available for purchase.

Pro Deals available: Please see head coach for details.

Discounted prices on private lessons: The cost of each hour of 1-on-1 instruction is $45, a 40% discount off our standard private coaching rate. 1-on-1 instruction will allow coaches to explore the minutiae of climbing with your child in extreme detail. Practices must be held at Approach and services paid through Approach’s front desk. You are welcome to tip your coaches, but please note payment for services outside of Approach is a violation of our policies.

End of season analytics: Athletic performance metrics graphs will be provided by the Head Coach. These charts are designed to show you as their parents how quickly the program develops your child as a climber and as an athlete. It will track everything from their ability to perform specific climbing skills to the number of pullups they can do in two minutes.


Our program is divided into three seasons to follow the USAC competition schedules. They include Sport/Speed (February thru May), Training (June thru September), and Bouldering (October thru January). As outlined in the EFT document you signed when your Team Approach membership began, you must sign onto the team from season to season. Fees are billed monthly on the 10th of each month for four consecutive months.

Twice per week for $165/month: which two days of the week are up to you and can vary from week to week. At the end of each season, additional practices beyond the 32-purchased will be billed at $20/practice. Or choose Unlimited practices for $220/month.


The following list identifies expectations for climbers, both inside our facility and at others. Disciplinary actions for infractions include verbal warnings, calisthenics, practice of appropriate technique, timeouts, and possible suspension from the team.

1) Always give 100% effort and focus
2) Arrive 15 minutes before practices. Warming up is your responsibility.
3) Be respectful to your coaches. Do not talk when your coach is talking. Accept feedback.
4) Always push your limits. Self-improvement begins where your comfort zone ends.
5) Identify your weaknesses and work to fix them. You always have room to improve!
6) Always use proper falling and belaying techniques.